Its a form of ultrasonic testing in which the sound waves are sent along the length of a pipe to get information about the condition of pipe.Here tens of meters of piping are examined in one setting. It can be applied economically for buried, insulated or elevated piping. It is cost-effective, because, with minimal removal of insulation, scaffolding or excavation, the plant operator can assess the condition of long lengths of pipe work

  • The test can be carried out at elevated temperatures without taking the pipe out of service.
  • 100% of the pipe is inspected (within the diagnostic length of a test).
  • Pulse echo type operation provides information on feature position and severity.
  • Sophisticated analysis aids interpretation of results.
  • Interpretation possible between defects and standard pipe features.
  • Ability to detect metal loss and planar defects at long range.
  • Metal loss may be internal or external.
  • Sensitivity can be as good as 1% loss of cross-section in ideal conditions (but is typically set at 5%).

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