Digital Thickness Gauging, Thickness gauge with ‘A’ Scan, High Temp. UT / Thickness Measurement, UT Scanning for Corrosion, UT Flaw detection to various codes, Ultrasonic Flaw Evaluation and Thickness Data management using Utility and Custom built application software.

Ultrasonic inspection can offer a comprehensive inspection method suitable for many applications but does require a considerable understanding of capabilities and limitations before implementation, due to the relatively high cost associated with the method, such as training and equipment. It can, however, provide information and results not easily available by any other method.

  • Excellent penetration of ultrasound into materials allows the detection of deep-lying defects. Parts from a few millimeters thick up to several meters long can be examined.
  • The method is very sensitive and can locate very small defects.
  • Defects can be sized and the position of internal defects within a component accurately established. The nature, shape and orientation of the defect can be determined.
  • With the pulse-echo technique, access to only one side of a component is required.
  • The ultrasound reflected back from defects is displayed almost instantaneously, allowing immediate On-site interpretation, and allows the method to be utilized for automatic systems, production monitoring and process control. Electronic monitoring of fast rising and falling defect signals, which an operator may miss, allow for very rapid inspection systems. A permanent record of the inspection can be made for evaluation at a later date.
  • The entire volume is scanned from the front to the back surface.
  • The technique can be very portable, with flaw detectors and probes being light and compact, allowing on-site inspection of difficult-to-access components possible.
  • Signals can be processed by a computer, allowing defects to be characterized and a determination of Material properties made. Thickness measurements of metal beneath paint coatings can be carried out with the multiple-echo method without the removal of the protective coatings.

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