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Visual Inspection is the most performed inspection type in Oil & Gas industry — 80% of all inspection are VT. For documentation and reporting purposes the inspector uses camera and video footage. Today’s cameras make it possible to safely and remotely inspect most hard to reach locations. The camera is typically mounted on a pole to reach the location of interest. Using RVI, the reach and precision of these inspections are greatly increased.

Key Industries

  •  Petrochemical
  •  Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore)
  • Nuclear
  •  Mining
  •  Municipal (sewer and water)

We provide more Specialized Systems, including long and ultra long-range and vertical crawlers. For unscheduled assessments, hazardous interventions, confined space tooling, emergency inspections and more, Arise Provides a full range of Robotic tools and technologies that can be adopted and customized for your specific needs.

“Industrial solution to including heat exchangers, coiled tubing, drill riser auxiliary lines, and small”

HD miniature Magnetic Crawler

This magnetic crawler offers a unique solution for high definition remote visual inspection across a broad range of applications. Perfect for examining steel structures, this modular inspection robot offers the adaptability you can expect from all IM3 TM technology


  •  Continuous tilt camera head provides complete look for operator  Intuitive functions allow inspectors to quickly learn and operate magnetic robotic inspection crawler
  •  Removable camera head easily adapts to deployment pole for nearby inspections
  •  Readily adaptable for other NDT sensors for specific job requirements

Robotic crawler for extremely tight spaces

This remote-controlled robotic crawler can inspect extremely tight spaces, reducing or eliminating the need for confined space entry. This remote visual inspection system gets into areas that are simply inaccessible with other technologies and provides a clear view of real-time conditions of capital assets  and aging infrastructure.

This pipe crawler robot is the industrial solution to otherwise inaccessible confined spaces including heat exchangers, coiled tubing, drill riser auxiliary lines, and small diameter water or sewer service lines. The miniature inspection robot works in air or underwater making it ideal for mining shaft and borehole inspection, confined spaces entry in nuclear facilities, onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline inspection and for upstream to downstream pipe inspection in the petrochemical industry.

Modular, long range internal pipe inspection system

This robot is well suited to a variety of inspection applications including Sewers , freshwater lines , hydroelectric penstocks and fish bypass lines, petrochemical and power plant intake pipelines and difficult to access pipes in the oil and gas industry. Its unique capability to operate over long distances and a wide range of diameters make it the ideal robotic solution for remote visual inspection in confined spaces, hazardous environments and underwater applications.


  • Boilers, heat exchangers, condensers
  • Rotating equipment
  • Process modules (vessels, caissons)
  • Chimney / Flare Stack inspection v LPG storage Tankshperlite)
  • Oily sewers, services water lines, utilities, deluge
  • Reactors, Cyclones, combustion chambers
  • Turbines, compressors, pumps
  • Cooling water lines, gas lines
  • Fuel lines, drain hoses, umbilical cables
  • Reactors, columns, vessels

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