Our Policies

(OHSAS 18001); (QMS & EMS)

We, at Industrial Support Services Company (ISSCO) are committed to provide NDE and Inspection services in a safe, effective, and timely manner and to ensure customer requirements, legal and contractual obligations and all applicable management systems standard requirements are met.

Based on our innovative traditions, expertise, and leadership, we always excel in providing cost effective technical services and solutions to our customers by delivering high quality services with the core value of preserving health and safety and optimum protection to the environment and creative application of knowledge &advanced technology in our industrial sectors. In all our Jobs and projects, we always strive to achieve the following:

➢ Complete Satisfaction to our customers by supervising bodies and the public, along with strict adherence of applicable regulatory, legal and industry standards and best practices.
➢ Remain committed to innovative and expertise driven continual improvement growth, in order to achieve it lifelong learning opportunities for further enhancement of knowledge and competence shall be maintained.
➢ Conduct all our business operations in such a way as to prevent pollution, minimize any risk of adverse impact on the community, the environment, the health, and safety of people by implementing appropriate environments standards required by both national, international governments and organizations.
➢ Work diligently to resolve environmental issues that may arise from the operations, use of our equipment, and services.
➢ Systematically monitor measure, review, and take effective actions to mitigate adverse risks and impacts and enhance positive impacts on the quality, health, safety and environment.
➢ Maintain transparency with the community and public and provide pertinent information to them concerning quality, environmental impacts and relevant health and safety aspects of our business activities.

To achieve the above, measurable objectives and targets shall be established at all pertinent functions of the company and these objectives shall be reviewed periodically along with this policy and communicated with and obtain input from employees, customers, contractors, and other interested parties to the EHS Management System.

With our integrated management systems, and competent and committed work force, we will assure quality to our customers, employees, and society. We will keep our image as a reliable, responsible, and dependable company.

Raju Kurian (Managing Director)


Our Vision

Industrial Support Services Co. Ltd. (15SCO) was founded in 1993 at Kingdom of Saudi Arabla and started functioning in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2002. I

Our Mission

Industrial Support Services Co. Ltd. (15SCO) was founded in 1993 at Kingdom of Saudi Arabla and started functioning in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2002. I